Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

Weekly Tuition:

Full Time:  $125/ Week

Part Time:  $100/Week

* No Registration Fee *


*   Van Service for Transport
of School Children
to & from
Star Elementary School

*   Activities

*   Field Trips

*     Meals & Snacks
Star Scholars Mascot
Art Center
Reading Center/ Library
Reading Center/ Big Books
Story & Circle Time Area
Blocks & Manipulatives
General Store
Homemaking Center
Train Set
Pop-Up Town
Outdoor Play Equipment
Our Little Cottage
Star Scholars is a developmentally appropriate, inclusive, child-centered learning environment in which specific learning goals
are achieved through a child's own ability to observe, describe, predict, manipulate and experiment with challenging and
interesting materials, manipulatives and experiences.   Our toys, curriculum materials and daily lesson plans  are updated on a
monthly basis and articulate monthly themes and objectives for fostering the development of:

*     Language & Listening Skills
*     Fine & Gross Motor Skills
*     Creativity
*     Cognition (Higher Level Thinking Operations)
*     Social Skills
*     Self-Esteem
*     Health & Nutrition

We believe that the most important work of young children is
PLAY, thus, our environment is arranged with self-directed learning &
play centers (Language Arts, Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Art, Blocks, Manipulatives, and Dramatic Play & Housekeeping)
which allow children to pace themselves and choose what interests them according to their own stage of development.   Group
time occurs several times each day for Story Time, Sing-a-Long, Finger Plays, Discussions, Writing Practice and Family Meals, but
our most valuable and meaningful time is when the children are free to just
Structured, Theme-Based Activities
Nutritious Meals & Snacks (CACFP Provider)

Welcome to
Star Scholars Preschool & Child Care;
A safe, happy, educational,
and inclusive
early childhood program
committed to quality and excellence.

Here, children are cherished and loved
in a Christian home environment as members of a
while developing emotionally, socially, and intellectually
through a combination of
play and teacher-directed activities.
Weekly Field Trips & Library Visits
Van Service To & From Star Elementary School
Beautiful Classroom, Resource Room & Play Yard
Preschool Program & After School Program
Our Beautiful Classroom!
Ages 2-8

379 N. Procyon Place
Star, Idaho
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